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Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

The increasingly infrequent online discharge of a Mancunian ex-pat

Married to izzles. Two little daughters. Three guinea pigs. Originally from Manchester. Freelance adult industry writer and reviewer. Pro-porn campaigner. Lots of cricket and football. Unruly hair. Usually not on here.
6music, alfred hitchcock, all the president's men, andrew flintoff, ashes to ashes, asia argento, bad 80s action films, badly drawn boy, baseball, beavis & butthead, bill hicks, billy connolly, blackadder, bottom, brighton, brighton and hove albion, calling chelsea cunts, charlie brooker, charlize theron, chicago bears, chow yun fat, chris rock, clint eastwood, cm punk, cricket, csi, curb your enthusiasm, dave allen, david mamet, david mitchell, david rowan, debunking mediawatch uk's drivel, doves, dragons' den, early fatboy slim, early jackie chan, electro pop, eminem, emmanuelle beart, eric cantona, factory records, far too many dvds, father ted, frank sinatra, frasier, french films, gene hackman, girls aloud, girls in boots, grand theft auto, have_i_got_news_for_you (angus deayton years), hayao miyazaki, indie porn, indie wrestling, ingenious uses of swearing, isabeli fontana, james h reeve, jeeves and wooster, jennifer connelly, jenny lockyer, jezebelle bond, jimmy white, joe queenan, john carpenter, john woo, johnny vegas, joy division, kaiser chiefs, krzysztof kieslowski, kurt russell, ladytron, lancashire ccc, laurel & hardy, life on mars, ludivine sagnier, mame, manchester music, manchester united, mario kart, mark and lard, men behaving badly, michael moore, mitchell & webb, monica bellucci, morrissey, my name is earl, never mind the buzzcocks, new order, nice mum, ole gunnar solskjaer, once_upon_a_time_in_the_west, oriental films, outnumbered, paul merton, paul newman, peep show, pet shop boys, peter sellers, phoenix nights, pinball, pingu, porn, predicting football results badly, qi, quoting men behaving badly, rear window, reciting dirty harry verbatim, researching obscurities on wikipedia, retro gaming, richie benaud, room 101, roy keane, russ meyer, scarlett johansson, seinfeld, sergio leone, sex, shane warne, snes, soccer saturday, south park, spaced, stanley kubrick, stephen fry, steven wright, supergrass, takeshi's castle, tazmania, the beastie boys, the chemical brothers, the clash, the coen brothers, the fast show, the mary whitehouse experience, the ramones, the smiths, the young ones, three colours red, twin peaks, wayward council, winona ryder, writing about porn intelligently, yo la tengo